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Basic Proofreading

I review your document for spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, and clarity. If you have included a company style guide or requested a particular style (such as AP or Chicago), I make sure you have adhered to those guidelines. I correct less obvious errors, such as standardizing heading style, use of the serial comma (or not), format and punctuation of bullet lists, etc. — the details that make a difference in creating a professional impression. I verify that all URLs listed are valid and that links go where they say they are going. I account for every asterisk and footnote, check that all acronyms have been defined, and point out jargon that should be avoided. I track all changes and, when necessary, explain my corrections. You retain final approval on all edits.


In addition to correcting errors, I typically make suggestions for minor changes in wording to convey a stronger message or to add more detail or variety. Because it is usually obvious when more than one person has worked on a document, I ensure that sections flow smoothly and are consistent in tone and format, and that there are no gaps or repeated content. The final product will create a polished, professional impression.

I base my fee on word count and charge $10 per page (up to 500 words), with a minimum charge of one page regardless of length. Because I don't want anyone to trim necessary words to save money, I give you a little leeway and don't charge for a second page until the word count hits 550. If you submit a job for Basic Proofreading that requires enough effort to be considered Deluxe Editing, I will suggest you upgrade to that service. 

Call or email me first to confirm availability, but jobs of 2,500 words or fewer will be handled within 24 hours, and possibly within 12 hours. 

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