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Deluxe Editing

This service is for those who want more than simply ensuring that there are no errors in their documents. In addition to performing a Basic Proofreading review, I will edit more deeply, rewrite more phrases, and make more detailed suggestions. This level service is perfect if you are not confident in your writing skills, or for those times when you want to jot down your thoughts and important points and have someone else organize everything into a polished, presentable form. 

As with my Basic Proofreading service, Deluxe Editing pricing is based on word count, with each 500 words counting as one page. Deluxe editing runs $16 per page, with a minimum charge of one page regardless of length. 

Call or email me first to confirm availability, but most Deluxe Editing jobs of 2,500 words or fewer will be handled within 24 hours. 

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