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Website Review


Your website is often your first contact with a prospective client, your window to the world. When people visit your site, they make an immediate judgment on whether they want to pursue doing business with you based on their first impression. Don't let typos, bad grammar, inconsistent punctuation, broken links, or outdated information drive business away!

If you don't think this is critical, consider my experience at a networking meeting I recently attended as a guest. I had 40 seconds to promote my business, and rather than talk about myself, I chose to give the audience some food for thought. While perusing the membership list on the group's public website the previous evening, I found all sorts of errors in the blurbs people had written about themselves. One executive actually described himself as a "proffesional" in his field! If you can't be bothered to run spellcheck on a short paragraph, you clearly don't pay attention to details. Why on earth would I hire you to manage my investments, cater my next party, run my advertising campaign, remodel my kitchen, or do anything else that requires precision and accuracy? I held up a list of the errors and informed the group members that I had already prejudged whether I would hire any of them based on their bios, and at the end of the meeting I was greeted by a line of people asking whether they were on my "hit list" and looking for my contact info.

All that in 40 seconds. Do you know how many seconds your prospects linger on your website? Are you creating the best impression in those precious first seconds?

When I review your website, I proofread every page and subpage, and make certain every link (to internal sections, to social media, and to external sites) works properly. I make a PDF of each page and mark corrections there so you know exactly what needs attention without having to hunt for it. I review all content for spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, and clarity, and I make suggestions for improvement.

Website Review pricing depends on how many "pages" there are. Each click/PDF I create counts as one page, and then word count factors in. For example, a short "About Me" page counts as one page, and a "Services" page that has more than 550 words would count as two pages. If you have several short related subpages (e.g., staff bios or office locations), as a courtesy, I will combine those into one PDF and charge by word count. Website Review runs $16 per page. 

Contact me in advance for a quote and to confirm availability, but most Website Review jobs of 20 pages or fewer will be handled within 24 hours. 

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